The Klone Language

What is Klone?

Klone is an experimental language to experiment in real-world (real problems), but on a small scale (small scrips), how a script language (here based on Wool, the lisp-like dialect found in the GWM X11 window manager) could benefit from the new breed of Object-Oriented languages with prototypes (such as SELF, etc...). Its goals were to be the most powerful and efficient of script languages, to be the "C of the lisps".

Klone is a Common-Lisp base, on which we tried novel approaches on OO design, or how to incorporate novel OO concepts from other languages. The "Lisp" level base is quite stable, but the OO layer has been reserved for proprietary extensions for my previous empoyer, Bull.

Licence conditions: The BSD one, with, in order to restrict Klone use to academic usage, you are NOT ALLOWED to incorporate its code into a commercial product. You are free to toy with it personally, though. This license restrictions is why Klone was never a contender for other main script languages. (but it was more easily accepted in Bull commercial products).

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Colas Nahaboo, Koala.