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Welcome to Koala project public web site (OBSOLETE)

This is a legacy copy of the 2001 site. The new one is at koalateam.com

The Koala Project is a new project of the innovative French software company ILOGLink to a different Web site, which aims to provide an interface with the Open Source world. Hosted at INRIA Sophia AntipolisLink to a different Web site, close to the W3CLink to a different Web site people there. We will engage in public Open Source work, and provide an easy and informal way for potential academic and industrial partners to work with ILOG developers and to explore new ways of cooperation, complementing the successful ILOG partnershipLink to a different Web site program.

We also conduct open experiments on User Interfaces technologies, mainly around JavaLink to a different Web site, XMLLink to a different Web site, and other web technologies. The Koala project has a long history (since 1986) of fostering informal open cross-pollenizations between academia and industry in software technologies.

You can contact us at: koala@ilog.frPop a mailto: email dialog box

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